Peace is Our Profession
Peace is Our Profession
1946 - 1992


The Strategic Air Command, "SAC", was established on the concept of having a "force in being", and ready to go at a moment's notice.  It's mission was unique: to not fight a war, but to deter one.  Toward that end, its primary mission was nuclear retaliation.  It's missiles could only be used once and few of its bombers were expected to return from a strike against the Soviet Union.  SAC's war, if it ever came, would last less than a day. No other military organization has ever had such awesome power.  Coupled with that power, none have ever exerted such tight control over it, nor demonstrated such restraint in using it.  These are accomplishments without equal in human history and they need to be documented so that future generations will benefit from the lessons learned.

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Monument to the Strategic Air Command
Located inside Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base (Carswell Field), Fort Worth, Texas.

If you need additional information, email the SAC Monument Committee
chairman Bob Adams:  bob@airmemories.com  or by Phone: 817.905.1889.



Permanent maintenance of the Strategic Air Command Monument at Naval Air Station Fort Worth will be turned over to the Texas Air National Guard in March of 2010. The SAC Monument Committee desires to make landscape improvements and to install solar-powered lighting for the monument before relinquishing it to TANG. To raise funding for these improvements, the SAC Monument Committee has decided to offer for sale additional personalized bricks until 1 March 2010. This will be the final opportunity to add bricks to the monument.

Bricks will cost $100.00 each. Three lines of 13 spaces on each line are available for engraving. Blanks are counted as spaces. CLICK HERE for a brick engraving form. RIGHT-CLICK the form and click PRINT or PRINT PICTURE from the context menu.

Please write [SAC Monument Brick] on your check or money order. Mail your payment and engraving form before March 1st and your brick will become part of the monument within 60 days.

Make your check or money order payable to:

Robert Adams
509 Big Creek Rd.
Willow Park, Texas 76087




To Protect and Serve  Seventh Bomb Wing B-36 Association

Aviation Heritage Association, P.O. Box 821 Fort Worth, Texas 76101-0821 (817) 551-1967, (817) 551-7179   Aviation Heritage Association

B-36 Peacemaker Museum Inc., Fort Worth Meacham Field  B-36 Peacemaker Museum

A proud sponsor of the SAC monument.   Wildcat Cranes Inc.

  Acme Brick Co.


ProWeb Fort Worth

B-58 Association Inc.

Bert Brewer Masonry Co.

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Arrowhead Services Inc.

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