26 April 2009




7th Bomb Wing B-36 Association History now
safely archived at Fort Worth Public Library

Association's memorabilia collection on permanent loan


* * * * *

As authorized by your Board of Directors, all Association items of historic value have been placed in care of the Fort Worth Public Library.  Special arrangements have been made with the Genealogy and Local History Department to store, index, preserve and make available to the general public, students, researchers and historians, all of our historic collection.  This action was made possible, and coordinated by, Frank Kleinwechter and Don Pyeatt.

We think you will agree the Fort Worth Public Library is the best possible location for our history.

Members are urged to add any of their own items to the collection.  For information, contact Mr. Tom Kellam at Fort Worth Public Library's Local History and Genealogy Department at (817) 871-7740.


The video "LAST FLIGHT", played during our last memorial service, is now available on the Last Flight page.

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